The Mollusca, 5 book cover

The Mollusca, 5

Physiology, Part 2


Published: October 1983

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-751405-5


  • Contributors.General Preface.Preface.Dedication.Contents of Other Volumes.Feeding Biology of Gastropods, A.J. Kohn.Feeding and Digestion in Bivalvia, B. Morton.Feeding and Digestion in Cephalopods, E. Boucaud-Camou and R. Boucher-Rodoni.Circulatory Systems of Gastropods and Bivalves, H.D. Jones.Circulation in Cephalopods, M.J. Wells.Ionic Regulation and Water Balance, R.F. Burton.Excretion, A.W. Martin.Molluscan Immunobiology, C.J. Bayne.Index.


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