The Midwives

The Midwives' Guide to Key Medical Conditions

Pregnancy and Childbirth

The only book of its kind, this essential reference offers quick access to information on the effects medical conditions can have on pregnancy and childbirth. Coverage includes a brief overview of normal anatomy and physiology with concise, practical guidelines for managing disorders commonly seen in women of childbearing age. From mild diseases such as asthma to serious conditions such as heart lesions, this indispensable guide will help you manage pregnancy and childbirth in women with systemic disease, recognize the early onset of disease-related pregnancy complications, and determine when it may be necessary to refer patients to a specialist.

Student midwives on degree or diploma programmes; midwives on degree programmes;

Paperback, 188 Pages

Published: April 2008

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-10387-2


  • 1. Caring for the Woman With a Medical Condition — The Midwife’s Role

    2. Hypertension in Pregnancy and Childbirth

    3. Cardiac Conditions Relating to Pregnancy and Childbirth

    4. Thromboembolic Disease and the Childbearing Process

    5. Anaemia in Pregnancy and Childbirth

    6. Asthma in Pregnancy and Childbirth

    7. Urinary Tract Infections and Renal Failure During Childbirth

    8. Epilepsy and Other Neurological Diseases in Pregnancy and Childbirth

    9. Diabetes in Pregnancy and Childbirth

    10. The Thyroid Gland in Pregnancy and Childbirth

    11. Eating Disorders and the Childbearing Process

    12. The Liver and Bowel in Pregnancy and Childbirth


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