The Methods and Materials of Demography book cover

The Methods and Materials of Demography


Published: October 1976

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-641150-8


  • Introduction.Basic Sources of Statistics.Collection and Processing of Demographic Data. Population Size. Population Distribution of Geographic Areas.Population Distribution.Classification of Residence.Sex Composition.Age Composition.Racial and Ethnic Composition.Marital Characteristics and Family Groups.Educational Characteristics.Economic Characteristics.Population Change.Mortality.The Life Table.Natality.Measures Based on Vital Statistics.Natality.Measures Based on Censuses and Surveys.Reproductivity.Marriage and Divorce.International Migration.Internal Migration and Short-Distance Mobility.Population Estimates.Population Projections.Some Methods of Estimation for Statistically Underdeveloped Areas.Appendix A: Reference Tables for Constructing and Abridged Life Table by the Reed-Merrell Method.Appendix B: Selected "West" Model Life Tables and Stable Population Tables, and Related Reference Tables.Appendix C: Selected General Methods.Author Index.Subject Index.


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