The Mereon Matrix book cover

The Mereon Matrix

Unity, Perspective and Paradox

Mereon is an approach to the unification of knowledge that relies on whole systems modelling. It is a scientific framework that charts the sequential, emergent growth process of systems. A dynamic structure, Mereon provides insight and a new approach to General Systems Theory and non-linear science. Mereon evolved through a new approach to polyhedral geometry and topology that is related to the dynamics of the polyhedra. It is related to a large number of systems, physical, mathematical, and philosophical. In linking these systems, Mereon provides access to new relationships among them and combines geometric and process thinking. This book provides the fundamentals of such connections for an ongoing search for order, directionality, and diversity that is found in this unity. It is written in clear language that manages to connect diverse disciplines and in doing so, makes a complex system easily accessible and understandable. It will be of interest to mathematicians, geneticists, and all those interested in researching unity in science and astrobiology.


Mathematicians, geneticists, engineers, and other researchers interested in systems and modeling.

Hardbound, 602 Pages

Published: May 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-404613-9


  • "Researchers in mathematics, health science and technology, acoustic physics, molecular genetics, and astronomy describe a mathematical pattern, its features and connections, and its applications to knowledge domains."--Reference & Research Book News, October 2013


  • The Authors’ Shared History

    Introduction: Sustainability

    Part I: First Things First

    Chapter 1: Building on the Known: A QuintEssential Jitterbug by L. Dennis, J. Brender McNair, N. Woolf, P. McNair and L.H. Kauffman

    Chapter 2: Methodology by J. Brender McNair and L. Dennis

    Chapter 3: Philosophical Thoughts and Thinking Aloud Allowed by L. Dennis

    Chapter 4: Scholarship, Education as Transformation by L. Dennis

    Chapter 5: Meme, Pattern and Perspective by L. Dennis, N.J. Woolf and L.H. Kauffman

    Part II: Including and Beyond the Point

    Chapter 6: The Mereon 120/180 - Form Informing Function by L. Dennis, J. Brender McNair, N. Woolf and L.H. Kauffman

    Chapter 7: Flow and Scale by L. Dennis and L.H. Kauffman

    Chapter 8: The Core - Sharp Distinctions to Elegant Curves by L. Dennis and L.H. Kauffman

    Part III: Connections, Ligatures and Knots

    Chapter 9: Mereon Thoughts - Knots and Beyond by L.H. Kauffman

    Chapter 10: The Pattern - Asymmetrical with Perfect Symmetry by L. Dennis

    Part IV: Applying Mereon to Knowledge Domains

    Chapter 11: Advances in the Emergent Science of Cymatics by J.S. Reid, L. Dennis and P. McNair

    Chapter 12: The Origin of Matter: Life, Learning and Survival by N.J. Woolf and L. Dennis

    Chapter 13: ATCG - An Applied Theory for Human Molecular Genetics by J. Brender McNair, P. McNair, L. Dennis and Z. Tümer

    Epilogue by L. Dennis

    Appendix: Definition of Key Concepts


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