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The Medical Interview

The Three-Function Approach

The 2nd Edition of THE MEDICAL INTERVIEW presents basic interviewing skills in a systematic approach designed to assist students in mastering communicating with patients. A new unit on managing common challenging communicating situations* including language and cultural barriers, pediatric and elderly patients, and non-verbal communication*has been added. The text emphasizes straightforward tasks, behaviors, and skills that can be easily demonstrated, practiced, and mastered by learners.

Paperback, 295 Pages

Published: May 2000

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-8151-1992-0


  • Foreword to the Second Edition
    Foreword to the First Edition
    Preface to the Second Edition
    I. The Three Functions of Effective Interviewing
    Introduction: Learning to Interview by Using the Three-Function Approach
    Why Three Functions?
    Function 1: Build the Relationship
    Function 2: Assess the Patients Problems
    Function 3: Manage the Patients Problems
    II. Meeting the Patient
    Ten Common Concerns
    III. Structure of the Interview
    The Opening
    The Chief Complaint and Survey of Problems
    History of Present Illness (Problem Exploration)
    Past Medical History
    Family History
    Patient Profile and Social History
    The Review of Systems
    Mental Status
    IV. Understanding the Patients Emotional Responses
    Understanding Normal Emotional Responses
    Understanding Maladaptive Emotional Responses
    V. Managing Communication Challenges
    Troubling Personality Styles and Somatization
    High Risk Health Behaviors and High Risk Life Situations
    Culture, Cultures, and the Culturally-Sensitive Medical Interview
    Interviewing the Family
    Interviewing Elderly Patients
    Breaking Bad News
    Sexual Issues in the Interview
    Selected Psychiatric Problems
    VI. Higher Order Skills
    Non-Verbal Communication
    Psychological Principles (Psychodynamic and Behavioral)
    Clinical Reasoning, Clinical Inference, and Flexibility
    Appendix: Table of Skills


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