The Management of Bond Investments and Trading of Debt


  • Dimitris Chorafas, Independent Finance Consultant, France

Written for managers and professionals in business and industry, and using a minimum of mathematical language, The Management of Bond Investments and the Trading of Debt addresses three key issues:
  • Bondholder’s options, risks and rewards in making investments in debt instruments;
  • The dynamics of inflation, and how they affect both trading in the bond market, and investment decisions; and
  • The democratization of lending, socialization of risk, and effect of the global economy on the bond market.
Financial expert Dimitris Chorafas discusses these issues in straightforward language for managers and professionals in commercial banks, securities houses, financial services companies, merchandising firms, manufacturing companies, and consulting firms, placing the mathematical treatment of the issues in the appendices, available for study but not necessary for understanding the business issues addressed in the book.
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Primary audience: managers and professionals in business and industry.


Book information

  • Published: June 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-6726-5

Table of Contents

Part One: The Dynamics Of Debt, Leverage, And Globalization Ch 1: Democratization Of Lending And Socialization Of RiskCh 2: Trading Debt In A Globalized EconomyPart Two: The Bondholders Options, Risks And RewardsCh 3: Bonds DefinedCh 4: Convertible Bonds, Zero Bonds, Junk Bonds, Strips, And Other BondsCh 5: Choosing BondsCh 6: Bank Loans And Securitization; Part Three: Interest Rates, Yields, And Duration Ch 7: The Dynamics Of Interest RatesCh 8: Inflation Indexing And Impact Of Government DeficitsCh 9: Bond Yields and Benchmark Government BondsCh 10: Maturity And Duration Part Four: Bonds, Bond Markets, Credit Rating And Risk Control: Ch 11: Bonds, Money Markets, Capital Markets, And Financial OrganizationsCh 12: Credit Quality And Independent Rating AgenciesCh 13: Case Studies On Credit QualityCh 14: Market Risk With BondsCh 15: The Control Of Risk Under Basel II