The Management of Anxiety book cover

The Management of Anxiety

A Guide for Therapists

A practical guide to the methodology and application of anxiety management skills. The reader can use it to select the best and most appropriate strategies for each individual client from the variety of approaches that are described and explained. The book is sufficiently detailed to give the reader a basic understanding of the underlying theories; it is therefore useful both for the hard-pressed practitioner who needs a quick reference and for the student who needs a revision tool or study guide. New chapters include assessment and evaluation; working in community settings; stress mangaement techniques for therapists.

Paperback, 230 Pages

Published: March 1997

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-05527-0


  • PART 1 THEORETICAL CONCEPTS: the Physiology of Anxiety. Behavioural and Cognitive Theories of Anxiety. Psychodynamic Theories of Anxiety. Psychophysiological Models of Anxiety. Integrative and Alternative Models of Anxiety. PART 2 TECHNIQUES: the Relaxation Phenomenon. Physiological Relaxation Techniques. Mental Relaxation Techniques. Integrated Programmes of Anxiety Management. A Group Anxiety Management Course Outline. Active Relaxation Techniques. PART 3 CLINICAL APPLICATIONS: from Assessment to Evaluation: Procedures and Practicalities. Teaching Resources. Troubleshooting. Some Common Problems. Working with Physical Problems. The Psychophysiological Approach. Working with Individuals. Working with Older People . Working in Community Settings. Understanding Occupational Stress and Burnout Appendix: the Anxiety Management Course Client Packs


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