The Linguistic Cerebellum book cover

The Linguistic Cerebellum

The Linguistic Cerebellum provides a comprehensive analysis of this unique part of the brain that has the most number of neurons, each operating in distinct networks to perform diverse functions.

This book outlines how those distinct networks operate in relation to non- motor language skills. Coverage includes cerebellar anatomy and function in relation to speech perception, speech planning, verbal fluency, grammar processing, and reading and writing, along with a discussion of language disorders.


Researchers in cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics, neuropsychology, and neuroscience

Hardbound, 450 Pages

Published: November 2015

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-801608-4


  • Introduction: Introduction to the Linguistic Cerebellum
    Peter Mariën and Mario Manto

    Chapter 1: The Phonetic Cerebellum: Cerebellar Involvement in Speech Sound Production
    Wolfram Ziegler

    Chapter 2: The Role of the Cerebellum in Speech Perception and Language Comprehension
    Ingo Hertrich, Klaus Mathiak, and Hermann Ackermann

    Chapter 3: The Cerebellum and Verbal Working Memory
    Cherie L. Marvel and John E. Desmond

    Chapter 4: Cerebellum and Verbal Fluency (Phonological and Semantic)
    Marco Molinari and Maria Leggio

    Chapter 5: Cerebellum and Grammar Processing
    Adamszek Michael and Kenneth C Kirkby

    Chapter 6: Cerebellar-Induced Aphasia and Related Language Disorders
    Kim Van Dun and Peter Mariën

    Chapter 7: Analysis of Speech and Language Impairments in Cerebellar Disorders
    Florian Bodranghien

    Chapter 8: Cerebellum and Writing
    Kim Van Dun, Dorien Vandenborre, and Peter Mariën

    Chapter 9: The role of the Cerebellum in Developmental Dyslexia
    Catherine J. Stoodley

    Chapter 10: Conceptualizing Developmental Language Disorders: A Theoretical Framework Including the Role of the Cerebellum in Language-Related Functioning
    Leonard F. Koziol, Lauren A. Barker, Laura Jansons

    Chapter 11: Posterior Fossa Syndrome and Cerebellar Mutism
    Thora Gudrunardottir, Hyo Jung De Smet, Lisa Bartha-Doering, Kim van Dun, Jo Verhoeven, Philippe Paquier, and Peter Mariën

    Chapter 12: Functional linguistic topography of the cerebellum
    Jeremy D Schmahmann and Catherine Stoodley

    Chapter 13: Deep Cerebellar Nuclei and Language
    Christophe Habas, Kim van Dun, Mario Manto, and Peter Mariën

    Chapter 14: The Use of Transcranial Magnetic Brain Stimulation to Study Cerebellar Language function
    Alan A Beaton, Louise Allen-Walker, and R. Martyn Bracewell

    Chapter 15: Experimental Use of tDCS in Relation to the Cerebellum and Language 
    Georgios P. D. Argyropoulos


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