The Limits of Power book cover

The Limits of Power

The Politics of Local Planning Policy

A text which focuses on the relationship of local politicians and professional planners in the planning process, adopting a conceptual framework within which a series of case studies is analysed. It shows that where power is limited or diffuse, or liable to change, policy making can be uncertain or inconsistent. The book covers a wide range of planning policy, including transportation and land development and because the author has had both academic and political experience this gives his work a unique emphasis.

For planners, administrators, social scientists and all those interested or involved in public affairs at the local level


Published: January 1983

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-030189-1


  • (partial) Preface


    The balance of power

    Planners and politicians

    Profile of a county

    Politicians versus planners - the case of fuller's earth

    Councils in conflict - transport planning in Bedford

    The politics of land development

    The politics of consensus - the Bedfordshire structure plan

    The limits of reform





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