The Lighter Side of EMS book cover

The Lighter Side of EMS

JEMS Columns Published 2003-2007

Take a laughing journey through EMS!! A compilation of Steve Berry’s "The Lighter Side of EMS" columns, published in the issues of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services from 2003-2007, provides humorous reading for all prehospital professionals. Author Steve Berry also features new cartoons that are timeless in their messages to keep you laughing! The perfect gift for any prehospital provider including first responders, EMTs, and Paramedics!

Paperback, 80 Pages

Published: August 2011

Imprint: Journal Of Emergency Medical Services

ISBN: 978-1-4557-2699-8




    CHAPTER ONE: 2003

    January: Devour Fewer Furry Animals

    February: Excuses, Excuses

    March: What’s Your Grossest Call?

    April: Aging Gracefully

    May: The Coffee Thing

    June: Extreme Sports

    July: The Perfect Ambulance

    August: Down Fido … Down!

    September: Chaotic Learning Scenarios

    October: Bumper Statements

    December: Jingle Bells, The Pager Wails!


    CHAPTER TWO: 2004

    January: Between Calls

    February: Yield!! #!*&%!

    March: 3rd Riders - The Rite of Passage

    April: Perpetual Puncture Wounds

    May: Once Upon A Medic’s Time

    June: Road Trip

    July: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

    August: I Should Have Seen It Coming

    September: Street Pizza

    October: We’re Now Ready to Begin the Preboarding Process

    November: Call 9-1-1? But It’s 1st and Goal!

    December: Talking the Talk



    January: Fast Food & EMS

    February: Show and Tell

    March: Surgical Encounters of a Medic’s Kind

    April: Ad Nauseum

    May: Pain-in-the-Neck Lawyers

    June: A Time to Grieve

    July: Breaking News

    August: In Praise of Dentists

    September: Going Up …?

    October: Just Glad to Be

    December: Wha’sat You Said?


    CHAPTER FOUR: 2006

    January: My Hope for You

    February: Have You Hugged Your Physician Advisor Today?

    March: Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up to Be Ambulance Drivers

    April: Ambulance Resuscitators

    May: Double-Click & Megabite This!

    June: Tips for Women Entering EMS

    July: We Wanna Play, Too

    September: No Comfort in the Comfort Room

    October: Casino Syncope

    November: Bystanders

    December: Home for the Holidaze


    CHAPTER FIVE: 2007

    January: Dead Room

    February: For the Shear Fun of It

    March: When Darkness Falls

    April: Clown Down

    May: The Ride is the Thing

    June: Coffee, or Medical

    July: N.A.S.C.A.R.

    August: A Patch By Any Other Name

    September: Life’s Hard … (Sigh)

    October: Once Around the Park, Jeeves

    November: Somebody Call Security!

    December: It’s a Wonderful Life!


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