The Larder Chef

Food Preparation and Presentation


  • W K H Bode, Formerly Lecturer, Department of Management Studies for Tourism & Hotel Industries, University of Surrey
  • M J Leto

The Larder Chef reflects the changing attitude to food and its preparation in recent years. While still retaining its practical approach, it recognizes current trends and fashions in food presentation and service style. A number of new illustrations have been added to the book for greater clarity. National Diploma students, apprentice chefs and catering students will find this manual particularly useful.
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Culinary and HLT students- college level. Modules include:*Restaurant Operations*Restaurant Systems*Restaurant management*The Study of Food and Drink*Food, Wine and Society*Gastronomy


Book information

  • Published: June 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-6899-6


"The Larder Chef has sold worldwide in its previous editions and distinguished itself as a seminal introduction to the key concepts of food preparation and service. The new edition is based both on the author's long teaching experience and in depth research with over 80 practicing chefs from many areas. It is therefore able both to outline best practice and reflect what has happened in the food industry over the last few years. It will give students and new chefs a thorough grounding in: - the key elements in food preparation, vital even where some of these have been wholly or partially taken over by manufacturers - the skills to understand different food stuffs and their best uses - from Hors d'oeuvre and salads to meats (and their cuts) fish, seafoods, poultry and others - the fundamentals of cooking methods and quality control The new edition has been radically and thoroughly updated with a host of new illustrations and is an essential learning resource for all students in catering, as well as giving professional chefs an authoritative sources of fact and advice." - Catering Manager, September 2006

Table of Contents

* Preface* A note on metrication* Le Garde-Manger* Hors d'oeuvre and salads* Fishmongery and shellfish* Poultry and game* Butchery* Forcemeats* Garnishes and seasonings* Chef du froid* Appendices - Convenience foods; The deep freeze; Glossary of French terms used in cold larder work; Index.