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The Language of Medicine

Bring medical terminology to life with Davi-Ellen Chabner's bestselling The Language of Medicine, 10th Edition! By presenting medical terms within the context of the body’s anatomy and physiology, and in health and disease, this proven resource makes it easy to learn a working medical vocabulary built on the most frequently encountered prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms. Practical exercises and case studies demonstrate how medical terms are used in practice. Add an engaging student Evolve website with medical animations and videos, word games, flash cards, and more, and you’ll be ready to communicate confidently in the clinical setting and succeed in your healthcare career.


Published: July 2013

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-4240-0


  • "It is important for today's healthcare practitioners to understand the correct meaning and use of medical terminology...The clinical importance of language is made clear throughout the book. The terminology comes to life  with practical application sections and with case studies  that discuss a range of medical conditions  and procedures. This is a well-presented and challenging workbook that will be usefulfor established practitioners as well as students."

    Nursing Standard, November 2013


    1. Basic Word Structure
    2. Terms Pertaining to the Body as a Whole
    3. Suffixes
    4. Prefixes
    5. Digestive System
    6. Additional Suffixes and Digestive System Terminology
    7. Urinary System
    8. Female Reproductive System
    9. Male Reproductive System
    10. Nervous System
    11. Cardiovascular System
    12. Respiratory System
    13. Blood System
    14. Lymphatic and Immune Systems
    15. Musculoskeletal System
    16. Skin
    17. Sense Organs: The Eye and the Ear
    18. Endocrine System
    19. Cancer Medicine (Oncology)
    20. Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
    21. Pharmacology
    22. Psychiatry


    • Medical Word Parts to English
    • English to Medical Word Parts

    Appendix I: Plurals

    Appendix II: Abbreviations, Acronyms, Eponyms, and Symbols

    Appendix III: Normal Hematologic Reference Values and Implications of Abnormal Results

    Appendix IV: Drugs

    Appendix V: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Terms


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