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The Language of Medicine with Animation CD-ROM

This market-leading text helps readers understand and learn complex medical terms by dividing them into their component parts, clearly explaining the meanings of these terms in the context of how the body works in health and disease. The text brings the language of medicine to life with a workbook format organized by body system, offering additional chapters on specific key areas of health care such as cancer and psychiatry. Anatomy and physiology sections are generously illustrated in full color and reinforced with exercises on combining forms in terminology and word parts. A NEW, bonus animation CD-ROM offers 30 narrated animations on relevant topics presented in the book. Visit to learn more!


Published: November 2006

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7295-3776-6


  • 1. Basic Word Structure

    2. Terms Pertaining to the Body as a Whole

    3. Suffixes

    4. Prefixes

    5. Digestive System

    6. Additional Suffixes and Digestive System Terminology

    7. Urinary System

    8. Female Reproductive System

    9. Male Reproductive System

    10. Nervous System

    11. Cardiovascular System

    12. Respiratory System

    13. Blood System

    14. Lymphatic/Immune System

    15. Musculoskelatal System

    16. Skin

    17. Sense Organs: Eye and Ear

    18. Endocrine System

    19. Cancer Medicine (Oncology)

    20. Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

    21. Pharmacology

    22. Psychiatry

    Word Parts to English Glossary

    English to Word Parts Glossary



    Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Symbols

    Reference Ranges




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