The Juvenile Skeleton


  • Louise Scheuer
  • Sue Black

The identification of even the smallest human fetal bone can be vital to the success of a criminal investigation or to the identification of the deceased. This book examines every bone in the human body from its earliest embryological stage through to maturity and is profusely illustrated with superb bone drawings at every stage of development. The ability to identify every component of the developing skeleton is of core relevance not only to the forensic profession but also to clinicians, skeletal biologists and physical anthropologists.
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Anthropologists, archaeologists, forensic and medical scientists, pediatrics and paleontologists.


Book information

  • Published: April 2004
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-102821-3


Doody's 5-Star Review "This is an invaluable reference to those training in the fields of anthropology, skeletal biology, archaeology, and forensic science. Its amazing use of detailed illustrations and descriptions satisfy the desperate need for a book dedicated solely to juvenile osteology. By providing a more manageable and affordable text, the authors have provided a solution to the problems that their previous book posed for students and have further distinguished themselves as the authors of the ultimate reference in the study of juvenile osteology." —Kirk A. McCullough, University of Kansas Medical Center for DOODY'S

Table of Contents

Juvenile Skeletal RemainsBone DevelopmentEarly Embryonic DevelopmentThe Head and NeckThe DentitionVertebral ColumnThoraxPectoral GirdleUpper LimbPelvic GirdleLower Limb