The Internet, Power and Society book cover

The Internet, Power and Society

Rethinking the Power of the Internet to Change Lives

An exciting challenge to how the internet and ICT have been understood in academia and popular culture and shows how important ‘cultural’ assumptions are in how we understand technology. The Internet, Power and Society argues that the way in which we view technology such as the internet owes much to older, historic views of the media and to ‘issues’ in contemporary society. Such perspectives are deeply rooted in a Western view of technology and the book concludes by offering a radically new perspective as to how the internet can change a society that is truly global in its application.

Researchers, academics, post-graduate and higher level undergraduate students in the fields of information studies - particularly fields such as social and community informatics, media/mass communications studies, media sociology, media anthropology, media development and other academics subjects allied to the media field

Paperback, 194 Pages

Published: August 2009

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-452-0


  • This book is definitely worth a read…it is well structured, well written, and extremely informative, Online Information Review


  • Part 1 Understanding the Internet: Theories of technology and society; The idea of the Internet; The Internet, politics and the public sphere; Politics and the role of the Internet. Part 2 The Internet and society: Social form and media potency - the processes of modernisation; The Internet and society: Reconsidering the link; Conclusion.


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