The Internet and Mobile Technology

Edited by

  • Marvin Zelkowitz, Ph.D., MS, BS., University of Maryland, Department of Computer Science, College Park, USA

This series, since its first volume in 1960 and now the oldest series still being published, covers new developments in computer technology. Each volume contains from 5 to 7 chapters and 3 volumes are produced annually. Most chapters present an overview of a current subfield within computer science, include many citations, and often new developments in the field by the authors of the individual chapters. Topics include hardware, software, web technology, communications, theoretical underpinnings of computing, and novel applications of computers. The book series is a valuable addition to university courses that emphasize the topics under discussion in that particular volume as well as belonging on the bookshelf of industrial practitioners who need to implement many of the technologies that are described.
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Researchers in high performance computer areas, hardware manufacturers, physics and scientific computation and computer science educational programs


Book information

  • Published: March 2011
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-385514-5

Table of Contents


  1. VoIP Security: Vulnerabilities, Exploits and Defenses - XinyuanWang and Ruishan Zhang 
  2. Phone-to-Phone Configuration for Internet Telephony - Yiu-Wing Leung
  3. SLAM for Pedestrians and Ultrasonic Landmarks in Emergency Response Scenarios - Carl Fischer, Kavitha Muthukrishnan, and Mike Hazas
  4. Feeling bluetooth - From a security perspective - Paul Braeckel
  5. Digital Feudalism: Enclosures and Erasures from Digital Rights Management to the Digital Divide - Sascha D. Meinrath, James W. Losey, and Victor W. Pickard
  6. Online Advertising - Avi Goldfarb and Catherine Tucker