The International Potato Industry book cover

The International Potato Industry

This is the first book to provide a comprehensive overview of the world trade in one of the most important of our basic foodstuffs - potatoes. It covers everything from the history of the potato through to plant types and uses, production, consumption and demand, and pricing. It goes on to cover the trade in potatoes around the world. Since the different potato products flow in separate channels - fresh potatoes, frozen potatoes, seed potatoes and the snack and dehydrated trade - each is described individually. The international potato industry is a fascinating reference source which is essential reading not only for the growers, processors, retailers, marketers and others involved in the production chain but also for agricultural economists, fresh produce brokers and traders and national and international economic planning agencies.


Published: November 2001

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-465-4


  • Joseph Guenthner has a quite incredible knowledge of the potato industry and he is particularly gifted at disseminating this knowledge., Richard Harris, President of the UEITP (European Association of Potato Processing Industry)
    … a comprehensive picture of the dynamics and structure of the current global potato market., Potato Business World


  • Part 1 Introduction: History and background; Potato properties, types and use. Part 2 Economics of the global potato economy: Supply; Demand; Prices. Part 3 The trade: Fresh potato trade; Frozen potato trade; Seed potato trade; Other potato trade; The marketing chain. Part 4 Key issues for the future: Technology issues; Market issues.


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