The International Cocoa Trade


  • Robin Dand, NYSE Liffe, UK

‘An overview of the history of cocoa, the factors affecting its production and consumption as well as how the trade is conducted, various risks mitigated, and by whom. …The International Cocoa Trade is a work designed to inform all on the subject of cocoa and an essential guide for those involved in its trade.’

Dr J. Vingerhoets, Executive Director, ICCO

Cocoa is a valuable commodity, and the cocoa trade involves many different parties from growers and exporters through dealers and factories to those trading futures and options and the banks they deal with. The International Cocoa Trade provides an authoritative and comprehensive review of the cocoa trade at the beginning of the twenty-first century, and the main factors that drive and affect that business.

The opening chapter of the third edition examines the history and origins of the international cocoa trade, and its recent developments. The agronomics of cocoa production are discussed in chapter two whilst chapter three deals with the environmental and practical factors affecting cocoa production. Chapters four, five and six cover issues around the export and trading of physical cocoa, including the actuals market, the physical contracts used and the futures and options markets. In chapter seven, the international consumption and stocks of cocoa are reviewed with chapter eight discussing the issue of quality assessment of cocoa beans for international trade. Finally, chapter nine focuses on the end product, examining the processing of cocoa beans and the manufacture of chocolate. Updated appendices provide copies of some of the most important documents used in the cocoa trade, including contracts, sale rules and world production statistics.

This comprehensively updated third edition of The International Cocoa Trade ensures its continued status as the standard reference for all those involved in the production consumption and international trading of cocoa.
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Professionals and academics.


Book information

  • Published: December 2010
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-0-85709-125-3


The international cocoa trade gives full weight to cocoa’s economic importance and has no equal as a truly practical guide for all those involved in producing, using and trading the commodity, as well as the banks that provide finance along the way., Coffee & Cocoa International

Table of Contents

History and origins of the international cocoa trade; Agronomics of international cocoa production; Environmental and other factors affecting cocoa production; The physicals market in the international cocoa trade; Physical contracts used in the international cocoa trade; Futures and options markets in the international cocoa trade; International consumption and stocks of cocoa; Quality assessment of cocoa beans for international trade; Cocoa bean processing and the manufacture of chocolate. Appendices.