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The Human Nervous System

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Neuroscientists, neuropathologists, neurologists, graduate students in neuroscience, and medical students.


Published: July 1990

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-547625-6


  • "Excellent and comprehensive text... a synthesis of structural and architectonic studies of the human brain together with recent information on the connectivity of different regions, derived largely form animal experiments... beautifully illustrated... superbly illustrated... superb in both content and illustration. These chapters will be standard reference works for many years to come... All these chapters are excellent, the high standard of illustration, as with the rest of the volume, being particularly praiseworthy... This is an excellent book which admirably fulfils the aim of the Editor... The text and, particularly, the illustrations, are of a uniformly high standard throughout... The volume provides a timely and high quality reference work on the structure and connectivity of the human brain... excellent value."

    "An impressive survey of our knowledge of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system... This monumental work promises to stand for years as the standard text."
    "If you're looking for a comprehensive account of the human nervous system, the book you need is The Human Nervous System edited by George Paxinos."


  • An Evolutionary Perspective: E. Armstrong, Evolution of the Brain. Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nervous System: J. Schoenen and R.L.M. Faull, Spinal Cord: Cytoarchitectural, Dendroarchitectural, and Myeloarchitectural Organization. J. Schoenen and R.L.M. Faull, Spinal Cord: Chemoarchitectural Organization. J. Schoenen and G. Grant, Spinal Cord: Connections. I. Gibbins, Peripheral Autonomic Nervous System. D. Burke and S.C. Gandevia, Peripheral Motor System. Brainstem and Cerebellum: G. Paxinos, I. T*auork, G. Halliday and W.R. Mehler, Human Homologs to Brainstem Nuclei Identified in Other Animals as Revealed by Acetylcholimsterase Activity. G.F. Martin, G. Holstege, and W.R. Mehler, Reticular Formation of the Pons and Medulla. I. T*auork, D.A. McRitchie, G. Rikard-Bell, and G. Paxinos, Autonomic Regulator Centers in the Medulla Oblangata. G. Holstege, Subcortical Limbic System Projections to Caudal Brainstem and Spinal Cord. G. Holstege, Neuronal Organization of the Blink Reflex. G. Holstege and D. Griffiths, Neuronal Organization of Micturition. A.J. Beitz, Central Gray. J. Voogd, H.K.P. Feirabend, and J.H.R. Schoen, Cerebellum and Precerebellar Nuclei. Forebrain: C.B. Saper, Hypothalamus. M.J. McKinley and B.J. Oldfield, Circumventricular Organs. C. Ohye, Thalamus. E. Armstrong, Limbic Thalamus: Anterior and Mediodorsal Nuclei. G.F. Alheid and L. Heimer, Basal Ganglia. J. De Olmos, Amygdala. D.G. Amaral and R. Insausti, Hippocampal Formation. K. Zilles, Cortex. T.A. Zeffiro, Cortical Motor System. Sensory Systems: J.H. Kaas, Somatosensory System. R. Norgren, Gustatory System. N.M. Gerrits, Vestibular Nuclear Complex. W.R. Webster and L.J. Garey, Auditory System. L.J. Garey, Visual System. J.L. Price, Olfactory System. Neurotransmitters: I. T''rk and J.-P. Hornung, Raphe Nuclei and the Serotonin Systems. J. Pearson, G. Halliday, N. Sakamoto, and J.P. Michell, Catecholaminergic Neurons. E.P. Pioro, J.K. Mai, and A.C. Cuello, Distribution of Substance P and Enkephalin. C.B. Saper, Acetylcholine. M. Difiglia and N. Aronin, Amino Acid Transmitters. Vasculature: T. Sasaki and N.F. Kassell, Cerebrovascular System. Index.


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