The Homology of Hopf Spaces book cover

The Homology of Hopf Spaces

This exposition of the theory of finite Hopf spaces details the development of the subject over the last thirty years, with the homology of such spaces as its main theme. The three chief areas of study in the volume are: - The study of finite H-spaces with torsion free integral homology. - The study of finite H-spaces with homology torsion. - The construction of finite H-spaces.


Published: August 1988

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-70464-1


  • The present book, written by one of the foremost authorities on the subject, is a most timely and welcome addition to the expository literature. It is intended both as a substantial introduction to the current problems, techniques, and points of view in the theory of H-spaces, and as a research monograph for specialists, including the results obtained in the last few years.
    J. Weinstein Zentralblatt für Mathematik


  • Hopf Algebras. Classifying Spaces. Localization. The Bockstein Spectral Sequence. The Projective Plane. Reflection Groups and Classifying Spaces. Secondary Operations. The Module of Indecomposables QH*(X;Fp) p ODD. The Module of Indecomposables QH*(X;F2). K-Theory. The Hopf Algebra H*(X;Fp). Power Spaces. Appendices: Lie Groups. The Steenrod Algebra. Brown-Peterson Theory. Bibliography. Index.


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