The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography book cover

The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography

This book is the third volume of autobiographical essays by distinguished senior neuroscientists. As neuroscience is a young discipline, the contributors to this volume are truly pioneers of scientific research on the brain and spinal cord. It is fascinating to hear their stories first-hand and to learn what has inspired and shaped the careers of the best neuroscientists of our time.In this volume, 13 outstanding neuroscientists tell the stories of their scientific work. Within their writings, they discuss major events that shaped their discoveries and their influences, as well as people that inspired them and help shape their careers as neuroscientists. This collection of fascinating essays should inform and inspire students and working scientist alike. The general reader may also find the book absorbing, as they are essentially human stories about commitment and the pursuit of knowledge.

Students and researchers in neuroscience and neurology


Published: March 2001

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-660305-7


  • "... a treasure of the history, ideas, innovations, and politics that coalesced to produce, and still colour, current neuroscience."


  • Previous Contributors.Preface to Volume 1.Preface to Volume 2.Preface to Volume 3.Morris H. Aprison.Brian B. Boycott.Vernon B. Brooks.Pierre Buser.Hsiang-Tung Chang.Augusto Claudio Guillermo Cuello.Robert W. Doty.Bernice Grafstein.Ainsley Iggo.Jennifer S. Lund.Patrick L. McGeer and Edith Graef McGeer.Edward R. Perl.Donald B. Tower.Patrick D. Wall.Wally Welker.Index of Names.


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