The Heart

The Heart's Eye

Emotional Influences in Perception and Attention

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Researchers, advanced students, and academics in perception, cognitive science, social psychology, and personality.


Published: February 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-410560-7


  • "This is a rare book, Every so often an edited work comes along which truly fills a niche--The Hearts Eye does just that. The editors, both social psychologists, pull together an ensemble of distinguished academicians to address two broad questions: What role do emotions play in various cognitive processes? And who really cares if they do?... This work is stimulating and will be of benefit to any student (advanced undergraduates will be able to grasp most of the material) oracademicians who are interested in exploring this vital link between affect and cognition."

    "Of interest to social and clinical as well as cognitive psychologists...A series of authoritative overviews... All the chapters are of a uniformly high quality and the editors have performed a masterful task of organising and integrating the material. The integration is facilitated by an introductory chapter which defines terms and provides an overview of the contents. Overall then, this is an excellent book and a valuable addition to the literature... I am delighted to be able to have it on my bookshelf."
    --R.J. EDELMANN, University of Surrey, U.K., in PERCEPTION
    "This volume makes an important contribution by focusing on this neglected aspect of affect: its fundamental mediating role in perception and attention. This is undoubtedly a most timely and valuable book that will add to our knowledge about emotional influences on perception and attention."


  • S. Kitayama and P.M. Niedenthal, Introduction.R.B. Zajonc, An Early Insight into the Affect-Perception Interface.I. Waynbaum, The Affective Qualities of Perception.S. Kitayama and S. Howard, Affective Regulation of Perception and Comprehension: Amplification and Semantic Priming.M.R. Klinger and A.G. Greenwald, Preferences Need No Inferences? The Cognitive Basis of Unconscious Mere Exposure Effects.P.M. Niedenthal, M.B. Setterlund, and D.E. Jones, Emotional Organization of Perceptual Memory.F. Pratto, Consciousness and Automatic Evaluation.M.K. Johnson and C. Weisz, Comments on Unconscious Processing: Finding Emotion in the Cognitive Stream.Emotion and Attention:D. Derryberry and D.M. Tucker, Motivating the Focus of Attention.R.H. Fazio, D.R. Roskos-Ewoldsen, and M.C. Powell, Attitudes, Perception, and Attention.C.H. Hansen and R.D. Hansen, Automatic Emotion: Attention and Facial Efference.H. Egeth, Emotion and the Eyewitness.J. Bruner, The View from the Heart's Eye: A Commentary. References.Index.


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