The Handbook of the Biology of Aging book cover

The Handbook of the Biology of Aging

With nine completely new chapters, and thirteen chapters with new contributors, the 8th edition of this book will cover the basic aging processes including the effects of dietary restriction, somatotropic axis, free radicals, apoptosis, adipose tissue, stem cells, and more. Coverage of the medical physiology of aging discusses effects on the human brain. New chapters include topics such as Genetics of Human Aging, Evolutionary Biology of Aging, Bone Aging, and Epigenetic Control of Longevity. A clinical sections covers what to expect, how to prevent, and how to treat common medical effects of aging.

Suitable for use as a reference or a graduate level or upper-level undergraduate textbook.


Clinicians, researchers, and students in gerontology, developmental psychology, psychiatry, biology, and other related health care professions tasked with caring for the aging population

Paperback, 480 Pages

Published: November 2015

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-411596-5


    1. Understanding Aging Through Conserved Longevity Pathways (New)
    2. Role of the somatotropic Axis in Mammalian Aging
    3. Mitochondria in aging: Dysfunction (new)
    4. Aging of Stem Cells: Intrinsic Changes and Environmental Influences
    5. Telomeres and Telomere Dysfunction in Aging
    6. mTOR: A Conserved Nutrient-Sensing Pathway that Determines Life-Span Across Species (new)
    7. Sirtuins in Aging and Age-Related Diseases
    8. Protein Homeostasis and Aging
    9. Genetics of Human Aging
    10. Calorie Restriction in Nonhuman and Human Primates (new)
    11. Terminal Weight Loss, Frailty, and Mortality
    12. Human Brain Myelination Trajectories Across the Life Span: Implications for CNS Function and Dysfunction
    13. Aging and Adipose Tissue
    14. Aging and the Cerebral Microvasculature: Clinical Implications and Potential Therapeutic Intervention
    15. Aging and Insulin Secretion
    16. Cardiovascular Effects of Aging in Primates-Gender Differences
    17. Cerebral Vascular Dysfunction with Aging
    18. Pulmonary Function in Aging Humans
    19. Bone Aging (new)
    20. Age-Related Changes in Thermoreception and Thermoregulation
    21. Sex Differences in Longevity and Aging
    22. Inflammation in Aging Processes: An Integrative and Ecological Perspective
    23. Systems Biology Approaches to Understanding Aging (new)
    24. Evolutionary Biology of Aging (new)
    25. Epigenetic Control of Longevity (new)
    26. An Objective Appraisal of the Free Radical Theory of Aging
    27. Aging Research in 2014: Promise and Pitfalls (new)


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