The Handbook of Infrared and Raman Characteristic Frequencies of Organic Molecules


  • Daimay Lin-Vien, Shell Development Company, Houston, Texas
  • Norman Colthup
  • William Fateley, Kansas State University, Manhattan
  • Jeanette Grasselli, Ohio University, Athens

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Vibrational spectroscopists in industry and academia, organic chemists, physical chemists, biochemists, materials scientists, electrical engineers, and physicists.


Book information

  • Published: October 1991
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-451160-6


"This handbook is a worthy follower to Bellamy's books and will be indespensible for planning and performing analyses. As a bonus, the book is beautifully produced: it has fine paper and printing and is well bound, as befits a book likely to be opened frequently."

"A new text on this subject was desperately needed and this book admirably addresses this need....Obviously, a huge effort went into its preparation. It is truly an academic tour de force....This book achieves its goals admirably and should become the new Bellamy for at least the next ten years. It is strongly recommended for anyone who deals with the interpretation of the vibrational spectra of organic compounds."
"This book is an excellent handbook for anyone interested in spectroscopic properties of organic molecules and is a perfect starting place for characterizing organic molecules through their spectroscopic properties."
"Above all things, this book is a scholarly tour de force. Certainly it is one that will merit a place both on my own bookshelf and in my lab when it is published."
--Peter R. Griffiths, UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO
"These well known spectroscopists have integrated the established IR and Raman characteristic frequencies of organic molecules into a unique well documented handbook including IR and Raman spectra and correlation charts. Students as well as established scientists will benefit by having this well written compendium available for reference."
"This text is a masterful update of Bellamy's classic work, infrared Spectra of Complex Molecules. It faithfully preserves the style and broad literature coverage of Bellamy. It is also ample evidence that the field of infrared group frequencies is as dynamic as ever. This is a first class treatment and with the inclusion of detailed discussions of Raman data, it stands alone. It should be in the library of all scientists dealing with the spectroscopy of organic molecules."

Table of Contents

Alkanes. Halocompounds. Alcohols and Phenols. Ethers and Peroxides. Alkenes. Acetylenes. The -C=N and -N=C Groups. Compounds Containing the Carbonyl Group. Compounds Containing -NH2, -NHR, and -NR2 Groups. The Nitro Group. Double Bonds Containing Nitrogen Atoms. Cumulated Double Bonds. Organic Sulfur Compounds. Organosilicon Compounds. Organophosphorous Compounds. Aromatic and Heteroaromatic Rings. Selected Infrared and Raman Spectra. Appendices. Index.