The Globalisation of Executives and Economies book cover

The Globalisation of Executives and Economies

Lessons from Thailand

How has globalisation affected the executives and economy of Thailand, one of the most dynamically growing countries in East Asia? This book provides coverage of crucial industrial sectors in the Thai economy, comparisons between the past and the present Thai economy and a variety of studies aiming to explain the behaviour of Thai executives and consumers.

Students and academics in Asian studies

Hardbound, 270 Pages

Published: December 2006

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-281-6


  • Part 1 Overview of Thailand and the Thai economy: The globalisation of Thai corporations and executives: The new generation; Globalisation and the evolution of business management and leadership in Thailand: Some observations; Consumer emancipation and economic development: The case of Thailand. Part 2 Crucial industrial sectors: Globalisation of the executive search industry in Thailand; Globalisation and the Thai educational system; Agro-industry competitiveness in Thailand under globalisation; Post-Tsunami recovery and the Tourist Authority of Thailand. Part 3 The legal, political and cultural environment of Thai business: The globalisation of Thailand - obstacles and solutions: A management perspective; Thai ICT policy and the globalising role of the internet; Below the line government: An initial investigation into Thai Rak Thai political marketing. Part 4 Globalisation of Thai consumers and firms: Technology and customer relationships in Thai financial services; Factors influencing Thai investors investing in fixed income funds; Professionalisation of sales in Thailand: A perspective on personal connections; Towards E-Government: A study of supplier attitudes towards the adoption of E-Auction procurement by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority of Thailand; The relationship is the brand: Sales reps and information for new service development in Thai life insurance; Cultural factors in ERP adoption: A Thailand-Europe comparison.


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