The Global Advantage

how world class organizations improve performance through globalization


  • Michael J. Marquardt, Ed.D., Michael J. Marquardt, Ed.D., is professor of human resource development and program director of the overseas programs at George Washington University. He is also president of Global Learning Associates, a premier consulting firm. Marquardt has held senior management, training, and marketing positions with a number of organizations, such as Grolier, TradeTec, and World Center for Development and Training. He has consulted for many of the top global corporations, including Arthur Andersen, Marriott, Nortel, Singapore Airlines, Volvo, Motorola, and Caltex. He is the author of twelve books and nearly 50 articles in the areas of globalization and cross-cultural management.

In an economy where companies must globalize or perish, only a few have successfully taken their business to the world level. 'The Global Advantage' zeros in on 40 preeminent global companies, located across six continents.A key feature of this book is the author's 'GlobalSuccess' model, based on the research and work he has done with hundreds of global executives around the world. 'The Global Advantage' reveals his discoveries and evaluates how these leaders are bringing their corporations into the global stratosphere. The 'GlobalSuccess' model, build upon the authors experiences and ideas, shows you how to globalize your:* corporate culture* human resources* strategies* operations* structure * learningYou will find specific strategies and principles for globalizing your organization's six dimensions, as defined by the 'GlobalSuccess' model, as well as what steps your company should take to move toward global status.In addition, the 'GlobalSuccess' capability and readiness profile helps you to measure the current level of globalization in your company, as well as how your company's globalization compares with that of your competitors.
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Business professionals/managers at strategic level.HR managers.


Book information

  • Published: November 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-88415-358-0

Table of Contents

A global world; Power challenges of the global company; The GlobalSuccess model; Creating a global corporate culture; Globalizing human resources; Strategies for global success; Globalizing operations; Globalizing structures; Globalizing learning; Global steps toward global success; Appendix - GlobalSuccess capability and readiness profile.