The Future of Market Transition

Edited by

  • Kevin T Leicht, The University of Iowa, IA, USA

The Future of Market Transition brings together scholars from a wide variety of theoretical perspectives, different nations and different empirical research traditions to examine the implications of market transitions for individual life chances, state economic policy and social stratification systems.

The volume includes scholarship that focuses on both single nation and cross-national research, plus research contributions that compare state socialist/former state socialist political economies with conditions elsewhere in the world.

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Book information

  • Published: November 2002
  • Imprint: JAI Press (Elsevier)
  • ISBN: 978-0-7623-0835-4

Table of Contents

Introduction (K.T. Leicht). Market Transition and Lessons for Social Science. Postsocialist inequalities: the causes of continuity and discontinuity (V. Nee, Yang Cao). An outline of the social history of socialism or an auto-critique of an auto-critique (I. Szelenyi). What happened to the working class? Errors of an unrepentant Marxist (M. Burawoy). Insights into the Transformation of Organizations and Market Institutions. Birth of a market economy: Hungarian agriculture after socialism (A. Obershall, Z. Hanto). Party power, markets, and private power: Chinese Communist Party persistence in China's listed companies (S. Opper et al.). The transformation of labor relations in China's emerging market economy (D. Guthrie). Corporate labor policies and practices during China's transition: an exploration of implications for social stratification (L. Keister). Analyses of Occupational Attainment and Gender Inequality. Occupational attainment in Eastern Europe under socialism (R. Sin-Kwok Wong). Occupational sex segregation in state socialist and market economies: levels, patterns, and change in East and West Germany, 1980s and 1998 (R.A. Rosenfeld, H. Trappe). Intercity variation in gender inequalities in China: analysis of a 1995 national survey (Xiaoling Shu, Yanjie Bian). Theoretical and Empirical Explications of Market Transition Theory. From cadre managers to private entrepreneurs: entry into family business in rural China (Litao Zhao). Institutional transformation and returns to education in urban China: an empirical assessment (Wei Zhao, Xueguang Zhou). Marketization and income distribution in urban China, 1988 and 1995 (Yanjie Bian, Ahanxin Zhang).