The Fine Arts, Neurology, and Neuroscience book cover

The Fine Arts, Neurology, and Neuroscience

New Discoveries and Changing Landscapes

 This volume on neuroscience, neurology, and the fine arts brings several disciplines together. It presents current thoughts and modern examples about how science, medicine and the arts have interacted in the past and are still converging. This volume specifically explores the history and modern perspective on neurology and neuroscience.


Neuroscientists, psychologists, neurologists

Included in series
Progress in Brain Research

Hardbound, 260 Pages

Published: September 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-63287-6


  • Part 1: Brain Damage, Creativity, and the Fine Arts
    1. Split-Brain, the Right Hemisphere, and Art: Fact and Fiction
      Dahlia W. Zaidel

    2. Visual Artistic Creativity and the Brain
      Kenneth M. Heilman and Lealani Mae Acosta

    3. Artistic Creativity, Artistic Production and Aging
      Anna Mazzucchi, Elena Sinforiani and François Boller

    4. Focal Cerebral Lesions and Painting Abilities
      Anna Mazzucchi, Elena Sinforiani and François Boller

    5. Artistic Creativity and Dementia
      Zachary A. Miller and Bruce L. Miller

      Part 2: Further Insights on the Brain and the Fine Arts

    6. Deceiving the Brain: Pictures and Visual Perception
      Nicholas J. Wade

    7. The Experience of Art: Insights from Neuroimaging
      Marcos Nadal

    8. On the Electrophysiology of Aesthetic Processing
      Thomas Jacobsen

    9. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: Exploring Neuroscience, Nature and Nurture in the Novel and the Films
      Sheryl R. Ginn

    10. Perception of Emotion in Abstract Artworks: A Multidisciplinary Approach
      David Melcher and Francesca Bacci

    11. Art and Brain: The Relationship of Biology and Evolution to Art
      Dahlia W. Zaidel


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