The Fertilizer Industry book cover

The Fertilizer Industry

This is the first comprehensive guide to the workings of an industry of crucial importance to the world’s agricultural economy. Published in association with the International Fertilizer Industry Association, The fertilizer industry looks at the structure of the industry for all the key categories of fertilizer products including nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers. It covers their production and end use, their implications for the environment and considers the patterns and future of the international trade.

The fertilizer industry


Published: March 2001

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-461-6


  • This book represents a major contribution to the understanding of the world fertilizer trade., L M Maene, Director General, The International Fertilizer Industry Association, Paris, France


  • Part 1 Overview: Fertilizers and the environment; A brief history; Fertilizers in the world economy; Overview of manufacturing processes. Part 2 Production and consumption: Structure of the fertilizer industry; Nitrogen fertilizers; Phosphate fertilizers; Potash fertilizers. Part 3 International trade: From factory to farm; International trade; Future outlook.


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