The Evaluation of Research By Scientometric Indicators book cover

The Evaluation of Research By Scientometric Indicators

Aimed at academics, academic managers and administrators, professionals in scientometrics, information scientists and science policy makers at all levels. This book reviews the principles, methods and indicators of scientometric evaluation of information processes in science and assessment of the publication activity of individuals, teams, institutes and countries. It provides scientists, science officers, librarians and students with basic and advanced knowledge on evaluative scientometrics. Especially great stress is laid on the methods applicable in practice and on the clarification of quantitative aspects of impact of scientific publications measured by citation indicators.

Academic librarians working in the sciences, information scientists, and science policy makers

Paperback, 336 Pages

Published: January 2010

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-572-5


  • Basic categories of scientometrics; Classification of the indicators of evaluative scientometrics; Publication growth in science; Scientific eminence of journals: The Garfield Factor and the Current Contribution Index; The ageing of scientific information; Scientometric indicators for the assessment of publications; Reference strategy: Model of manifested communication through publications; Frequency of and strength of motives in referencing: The Reference Threshold Model; Research contribution and share of credit of individual authors; Standards in scientometric assessments; Scientometric assessments: Application of scientometrics for the purposes of science policy; Institutionalisation of Scientific Information: A scientometric model (ISI-S model); Conclusions.


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