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The Essential Guide to Herbal Safety

Winner of American Botanical Council's 2005 James A. Duke Botanical Literature Award, the Essential Guide to Herbal Safety offers a balanced and objective perspective on the principles of herbal medicine safety as well as the complex challenges relating to self-prescribed or professionally prescribed herbal medications and supplements. With contributions from leading international practitioners and authorities, it contains comprehensive reviews, in monograph format, of the published safety data for 125 common herbs. You'll also find coverage of issues of quality, interactions, adverse reactions, toxicity, allergy, contact sensitivity, and idiosyncratic reactions.

Hardbound, 704 Pages

Published: December 2004

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07171-3


  • Part 1 Safety issues
    1. Introduction: what is herb safety?
    Simon Mills
    2. Adverse effects of herbal remedies – the case to answer
    Dr Debbie Shaw
    3. The adverse placebo effect and transient treatment reactions
    Simon Mills
    4. Idiosyncratic drug reactions
    Simon Mills
    5. Human-plant interactions
    Simon Mills
    6. Adverse herb-drug interactions (AHDI)
    Kerry Bone, Simon Mills and Michelle Morgan and Berris Burgoyne
    7. Safety considerations during pregnancy and lactation
    Kerry Bone
    8. The impact of quality issues on the safety of herbal products
    Kerry Bone
    9. Safety concerns involving Chinese herbal medicine
    Trina Ward
    10. Allergic reactions to herbal medicines
    Professor Stephen Myers and Hans Wohlmuth
    11. Pharmacovigilance of herbal medicines
    Dr. Joanne Barnes
    12. Kava: a risk-benefit assessment
    Dr. Mathias Schmidt, Michelle Morgan, Kerry Bone, and Janice McMillan

    Part 2 Safety Monographs

    Appendix A: Herb Listing by Pregnancy and Lactation Categories
    Appendix B: Pregnancy and Lactation Categories Listing by Herb


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