The Drug Free Workplace

How to Get There and Stay There


  • John Fay, Experienced author, and military and security management professional, former Director of National Crime Prevention Institute, Atlanta, GA, USA

This is a no-nonsense, practical book for helping organizations rid their workplaces of drug abuse and its serious and costly consequences. The book draws upon the collective experiences of hundreds of organizations that have said "no more, not here" and have grown stronger as a result. The path to a drug-free working environment is straight but narrow. The Drug-Free Workplace:How to Get There and Stay There delineates the path, always with a view toward avoiding missteps that can lead to trouble. Bringing a workplace back to safety and profitability is a collaborative and multi-disciplinary effort. Participation necessarily involves professionals from security, safety, human resources, and health. Central to the effort is an enlightened management. Every specialist and manager committed to developing and maintaining a drug-free workplace will find in the pages of this book a wealth of sensible, meaningful information.A drug-free workplace program cuts costs, increases productivity, reduces loss and wastage, avoids accidents, and literally saves careers, families, and lives. Much is at stake, making the drug-free program deserving of thoughtful deliberation, considerable planning, and careful implementation. Preliminary to the process is understanding the key tasks. All of the tasks are spelled out in this book.
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Security professionals


Book information

  • Published: December 1999
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7187-3


Fay presents a convincing argument for establishing comprehensive programs to combat the substance abuse problem... - Security Management, August 2000

Table of Contents

The Rationale for a Drug Free Workplace; Define the Problem; Develop Policy; Obtain Employee Buy-in; Train Supervisors to Enforce Policy; Drug Testing; Employee Assistance; Law Enforcement; Evaluate your Drug-Free Workplace Program; In the Grand Scheme of Things