The Development of Responsiveness to Steroid Hormones book cover

The Development of Responsiveness to Steroid Hormones

Focusses attention on an aspect of steroid hormone action which promises to hold an increasingly important place in future research. Responsiveness occurs in cells where there is an apparently adequate quantity of the appropriate receptor, yet little or no response to the hormone. A solution to the difficult problem of how the Steroid-receptor complex modulates RNA transcription may be found in part by a study of systems in which the phenomenon of responsiveness is exhibited

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Advances in the Biosciences


Published: February 1980

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-024940-7


  • Sequential acquisition of responsiveness to estrogen in the rat uterus

    Regulation of prolactin synthesis by estrogen

    Rodent alpha1-fetoprotein and its interaction with estrogens

    Influence of rat estradiol binding plasma protein (EBP) on estrogen binding to its receptor and on induced biological responses

    Ontogeny of the receptor and responsiveness to estrogen in the genital tract of the chick embryo

    Ontogeny of steroid receptors in the guinea pig

    Estrogen receptor in the mammalian liver: developmental and metabolic apsects


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