The Design Analysis Handbook book cover

The Design Analysis Handbook

A Practical Guide to Design Validation

"...A book that should be on the shelf of every digital or analog electronic-system designer." - Frank Goodenough, Electronic DesignThis Handbook offers design engineers and managers immediately useful, meat-and-potatoes techniques for achieving design validation by analysis in an easy-to-read style. The book contains numerous useful and interestingtips for electronics circuit designers. Examples of rectifier circuits, power supplies, digital timing, thermal analysis, grounding and layout, and EMI/noise control are examined in detail with fully worked-out numerical examples.If you need to create reliable, cost-effective, optimized designs, The Design Analysis Handbook provides a practical framework for integrating quality into the design process from start to finish. The methodology used is called Worst Case Analysis Plus (WCA+), a design-validation tool that demands thoroughness and analytical thinking by the user.A guide to assessing and validating circuit design, The Design Analysis Handbook presents processes and mathematical tools in a straightforward, real-world manner. Unique features of the approach include chapters on safety, bad science, and surviving high-pressure design projects.N. Edward Walker is the president of Design/Analysis Consultants, Inc., based in Tampa, Florida. The Handbook is based on DACI's extensive experience in the design and analysis of highly-reliable electronic systems.

Design engineers and students

Hardbound, 264 Pages

Published: January 1998

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9088-1


  • "This is a recommended book for any academic library and a must book for the personal libraries of design engineers." - E-Streams "This handbook has three goals: 'provide a straight-forward, no-nonsense guide to practical design validation,' 'to help design engineers who may be neglecting their math skills to recapture the wonderful sense of satisfaction that results from truly understanding a design,' and 'to be used as a practical design assistant.' All three goals have been met in this concise and well-written book." - E-Streams


  • An Introduction to Design Analysis * How to Perform a Worst Case Analysis * Design Validation Topics and Tips * Safety Analyses * Bad Science and Other Hazards * Electronics Analysis Tips and Techniques * References and Recommended Reading * Appendix A: How to Survive an Engineering Project * Appendix B: The DACI Worst Case Analysis Standard * Worst Case Analysis Sample Report


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