The Data to Dollars™ Value Chain book cover

The Data to Dollars™ Value Chain

A Practical Guide to Business Analytics

The Data to Dollars Value Chain: A Practical Guide to Business Analytics provides guidance on how to create successful analytics projects, assemble teams, and plan for ongoing initiatives. The text is a thoughtful, skilled, technical, and analytical guide on the methods used to truly understand customers, consumer behavior, and market opportunities.

The book contains all components of the process, along with the methods and templates needed to unlock the potential of data. Readers will learn how to "reduce the barrier to benefit" from analytics by enabling their team to get more from their analytics efforts despite budget constraints, how to staff talent and experience, use knowledge, and recognize data quality, availability, and potential political barriers within an organization.

heads of analytics, data scientists and analysts, marketing and sales analysts, product pricing managers/analysts, social/digital media managers, CIOs, CTOs

Paperback, 384 Pages

Published: August 2015

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-0-12-405887-3


  • Preface: A crucial moment in the history of technology, data, and decision making

    Section 1: A Framework to Convert Data to Dollars

    1. Turning Data into Dollars using Analytics: Why It Matters More Than Ever

    2. How did we get here? (previous title was "today’s trends in the context of history"

    3. Defining the challenges

    4. A methodology to overcome the challenges

    5. What does it take to apply the methodology

    6. Case Studies

    Section 2: Putting the Data to Dollars Methodology into Practice

    7. The Data to Dollars™ Value Chain Methodology

    8. Opportunity Identification

    9. Insight + Analysis Requirements

    10. Data Requirements

    11. Defining the Required People, Processes and Technologies

    12. Project Planning

    13. Executing Analysis

    14. Using the Output of Analysis

    15. Onward and Upward: Growing Your Return on Data Analytics



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