The Data to Dollars™ Value Chain book cover

The Data to Dollars™ Value Chain

A Practical Guide to Business Analytics

The Data to Dollars Value Chain is a practical guide to creating successful analytics projects, teams, and ongoing initiatives. You are undoubtedly relying on data analytics more than ever before to gain a competitive advantage in today's market. While Big Data is all the rage, many enterprises are barely harnessing the information that they've been accumulating for decades. Thoughtful, skilled, technical analysis is the only way to truly understand customers and consumer behavior and to capitalize on market opportunities.

This book contains all the components of the process, methods, and templates you need to unlock the potential of your data. You will learn how to "reduce the barrier to benefit" from analytics by enabling your team to get more from their analytics effort despite inevitable constraints in budgets, staff talent and experience, knowledge, data quality and availability, and even political barriers within your organization.

heads of analytics, data scientists and analysts, marketing and sales analysts, product pricing managers/analysts, social/digital media managers, CIOs, CTOs

Paperback, 384 Pages

Published: September 2014

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-0-12-405887-3


  • Part 1: The Opportunity, the Challenge, and the Keys to Success

    1. Turning Data Into Dollars Using Analytics: Why it Matters More than Ever

    2. Today's Trends in the Context of History

    3. Analytics Today: The Opportunity, The challenge

    4. Habits of Successful Analytics Teams

    5. Knowing What to Do When

    6. The Data to Dollars™ Value Chain

    Part II: Managing the Data to Dollars™ Value Chain

    7. The Data to Data to Dollars™ Value Chain

    8. End-to-end Process: From Raw Data to Concrete Results

    9. Overview of Tools and Templates

    10. Planning

    11. Managing Risks

    12. Preparing

    13. Performing Analysis

    14. Communicating

    15. Making Decisions

    16. Iterating, Adjusting, Improving

    Part III: Using the Data to Dollars™ Toolkit

    17. Goal Setting

    18. Decision Models

    19. Other Uses of Analytic Insights

    20. Insight Requirements

    21. Choosing Analytic Methods

    22. Planning Your Analysis

    23. Choosing Analytic Tools

    24. Data Requirements

    25. Data Governance

    26. Governance of the Data to Dollars tm Value Chain


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