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The Craft of Information Visualization

Readings and Reflections

Since the beginning of the computer age, researchers from many disciplines have sought to facilitate people's use of computers and to provide ways for scientists to make sense of the immense quantities of data coming out of them. One gainful result of these efforts has been the field of information visualization, whose technology is increasingly applied in scientific research, digital libraries, data mining, financial data analysis, market studies, manufacturing production control, and data discovery.This book collects 38 of the key papers on information visualization from a leading and prominent research lab, the University of Maryland’s Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL). Celebrating HCIL’s 20th anniversary, this book presents a coherent body of work from a respected community that has had many success stories with its research and commercial spin-offs. Each chapter contains an introduction specifically written for this volume by two leading HCI researchers, to describe the connections among those papers and reveal HCIL’s individual approach to developing innovations.

HCI practitioners, usability engineers, software developers, Web page designers and developers.

Paperback, 432 Pages

Published: April 2003

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-1-55860-915-0


  • "Many readers will, I am sure, gain immense value from it, as it introduces some novel interface design concepts." - Rob Scovell - First Monday


  • PrefaceAcknowledgmentsIntroductionChapter 1. Database Discovery with Dynamic Queries1.1) Ahlberg, C., Shneiderman, B.Visual Information Seeking: Tight coupling of dynamic query filters with starfield displays1.2) Shneiderman, B.Dynamic Queries: for visual information seeking1.3) Fredrikson, A., North, C., Plaisant, C., Shneiderman, B.Temporal, Geographical and Categorical Aggregations Viewed through Coordinated Displays: A Case Study with Highway Incident Data1.4) Tanin, E., Plaisant, C., Shneiderman, B.Broadening Access to Large Online Databases by Generalizing Query Previews 1.5) Dang G., North C., Shneiderman B.Dynamic Queries and Brushing on Choropleth MapsChapter 2. Seeing the World Through Image Libraries2.1) North, C., Shneiderman, B., Plaisant, C.User controlled overviews of an image library: A case study of the Visible Human2.2) Shneiderman, B., Kang, H.Direct Annotation: A Drag-and-Drop Strategy for Labeling Photos2.3) Bederson B. PhotoMesa: A Zoomable Image Browser using Quantum Treemaps and Bubblemaps2.4) Shneiderman, B., Kang, H., Kules, B., Plaisant, C., Rose, A., and Rucheir, R. A Photo History of SIGCHI: Evolution of Design from Personal to PublicChapter 3. Preserving Context with Zoomable User Interfaces 3.1) Bederson, B. and Boltman, A. Does Animation Help Users Build Mental Maps of Spatial Information3.2) Bederson, B.B., Meyer, J., Good, L. Jazz: An Extensible Zoomable User Interface Graphics ToolKit in Java3.3) Good, L., Bederson, B. Zoomable user interfaces as a medium for slide show presentations3.4) Hornbæk, K., Bederson, B. Plaisant, C. Navigation Patterns and Usability of Overview+Detail and Zoomable User Interfaces for MapsChapter 4. The World's Information in Digital Libraries 4.1) Plaisant, C., Marchionini, G., Bruns, T., Komlodi, A., Campbell, L. (8p)Bringing Treasures to the Surface: Iterative design for the Library of Congress National Digital Library Program4.2) Rose, A., Ding, W., Marchionini, G., Beale Jr., J., Nolet, V. Building an Electronic Learning Community: From Design to Implementation4.3) Shneiderman, B., Feldman, D., Rose, A., and Ferre Grau, X. Visualizing Digital Library Search Results with Categorical and Hierarchial Axes4.4) Druin A., Bederson B., Hourcade J.P., Sherman L.,Revelle G., Platner M., Weng S. Designing a Digital Library for Young Children: An Intergenerational Partnership4.5) Hourcade, J., Bederson, B., Druin, A., Rose, A., Farber, A., Takayama, Y. The International Children's Digital Library: Viewing Digital Books OnlineChapter 5. Making Sense of the World Wide Web 5.1) Nation, D.A., Plaisant, C., Marchionini, G., Komlodi, A. Visualizing websites using a hierarchical table of contents browser: WebTOC5.2) Kandogan, E., and Shneiderman, B. Elastic Windows: A Hierarchical Multi-Window World-Wide Web Browser5.3) Hightower, R., Ring, L., Helfman, J., Bederson, B., Hollan, J. Graphical Multiscale Web Histories: A Study of PadPrintsChapter 6. Understanding Hierarchical Data 6.1) Asahi, T., Turo, D., Shneiderman, B. Visual decision-making: using treemaps for the analytic hierarchy process6.2) Turo, D. Hierarchical visualization with Treemaps: Making sense of pro basketball data6.3) Kumar, H., Plaisant, C., Teittinen, M., Shneiderman, B. Visual information management for network configuration6.4) Bederson, B., Shneiderman, B., Wattenberg, M. Ordered and Quantum Treemaps: Making Effective Use of 2D Space to Display Hierarchies6.5) Fekete, J. and Plaisant, C.Interactive Information Visualization of a Million Items6.6) Plaisant, C., Grosjean, J., Bederson, B. SpaceTree: Supporting Exploration in Large Node Link Tree, Design Evolution and Empirical EvaluationChapter 7. Innovating the Interaction 7.1) Bederson, B.B.Fisheye Menus7.2) Plaisant, C., Mushlin, R., Snyder, A., Li, J., Heller, D., Shneiderman, B. LifeLines: Using Visualization to Enhance Navigation and Analysis of Patient Records7.3) Hochheiser, H. and Shneiderman, B. Interactive exploration of time-series data7.4) Fekete, J.-D., Plaisant, C. Excentric Labeling: Dynamic Neighborhood Labeling for Data Visualization7.5) Bederson, B. B. Czerwinski, M., Robertson, G. A Fisheye Calendar Interface for PDAs: Providing Overviews for Small Displays7.6) Seo, J. and Shneiderman, B. Interactively exploring hierarchical clustering results7.7) North, C., Shneiderman, B. A user interface for coordinating visualizations based on relational schemataChapter 8. Theories for Understanding Information Visualization 8.1) Plaisant, C., Carr, D., Shneiderman, B. Image browsers: Taxonomy, guidelines, and informal specifications8.2) Shneiderman, B. The eyes have it: A task by data type taxonomy for information visualizations8.3) Shneiderman, B. Supporting Creativity with Advanced Information-Abundant User Interfaces8.4) Shneiderman, B.Inventing Discovery Tools: Combining Information Visualization with Data MiningAppendix A: Video ReportsAppendix B: Project PagesAppendix C: Software for DownloadingAppendix D: Full Tech Report IndexAuthor IndexKey Terms Index


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