The Concise Encyclopedia of Materials Processing book cover

The Concise Encyclopedia of Materials Processing

A compact anthology drawn from Elsevier's highly regarded Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology, this volume explains how materials are transformed from their raw-materials state to useful products. Coverage includes articles on casting techniques, deformation processing, crystal growth, heat-treatment, machining and joining techniques, as well as the production and consolidation of powders.


This volume is of interest to both professionals working with materials in academia and also engineering professionals processing materials within industry

Hardbound, 854 Pages

Published: October 2009

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-096492-8


  • Sheet forming: blanking, piercing, pressing, deep drawing, spinning and flow turning, stretch forming, fluid and rubber forming, high-rate forming processes, welding, etc. Bulk forming: hot, warm and cold forging, rolling and extrusion, rotary forging, ring rolling, hydrostatic extrusion, conforming, net-shape manufacturing, etc. Powder forming: compaction, sintering, forging, extrusion, etc. Forming in the melt or near-melt condition: die casting, mushy-state forging, net-shape manufacturing, etc. Material-removal processes: cutting, grinding, ECM, EDM, etc. Non-traditional processes: shot peening and other impact-related processes, die-manufacturing processes, and laser processing, etc. Surface engineering: deposition, treatment and characterization technologies.


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