The Concise Encyclopedia of Language Pathology book cover

The Concise Encyclopedia of Language Pathology

This work will provide readers with uniquely systematic coverage of the field of speech and language pathology. Taking as its starting point the highly successful Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, the book comprises selected updates from the original work combined with a high proportion of newly commissioned material which together give a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in speech and language pathology. The work is the most up-to-date and detailed reference available in this field.
The book addresses all main aspects related to speech and language comprehension and production, both in children and in normal adults. It also presents in a systematic way disorders of speech and language due to developmental and acquired causes, the most common forms of treatment and their degree of efficacy.

For academic libraries serving researchers and students in all fields of linguistics and psychology, researchers and students in speech and language pathology and therapy, neurology, audiology and pediatrics, researchers in the educational sciences, the philosophy of language and the application of computers in the treatment of communication disorders.


Published: April 1999

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-043151-2


  • This book will certainly delight orthophonists and is not without interest for other readers since the link between psychomotor disorders and orthophonic disorders is of growing interest to researchers and clinicians. This is a subject area which should be followed closely.
    Evolutions Psychomotrices

    ...valuable and well realized ...All [sixty chapters] are concise, clear, easily readable ...can be used both as an introductory tool to study language and its pathologies and as a rapid source of state-of-the-art information on specific topics for researchers and clinicians.
    Sergi Zanini, International Journal of Bilingualism


  • Preface. Speech and Language in Normal Speakers. Acoustics of Speech (H.J. Wakita), Auditory Models of Speech Processing (S. Greenberg). Speech Perception (D.W. Massaro). Functional and Clinical Anatomy of the Speech Mechanism (J.C. Kahane). Neuromuscular Aspects of Speech (H. Hirose). The Neurophysiology of Speech (V.L. Gracco, K.G. Munhall). Psycholinguistics (M.A. Garman). Language Production (H.L. Petrie). Development of Language Perception in Infants (P.W. Jusczyk). Babbling in Hearing and Deaf Infants (C. Stoel-Gammon). Acquisition of Phonemes (C. Stoel-Gammon, L. Menn). Acquisition of Vocabulary (M.D. Barrett). Acquisition of Grammar (H. Tager-Flusberg). Acquisition of Reading (J. Oakhill). Language Development and Brain Development (J.L. Locke). Biological Bases of Speech (B. Lindblom). Aging and Language (J. Maxim). Pragmatic Principles in Verbal Communication (O. Togeby). Sociolinguistics and Language Pathology (L. Wei, Z. Hua). General Aspects of Speech and Language Pathologies. Overview (J.M. Cooper). Historical Perspective (J.M. Cooper). Models (D. Crystal). Acquired Causes (B.M. Ansel, R.L. Ringel). Developmental Causes (S.O. Richardson). Incidence and Prevalence (P.M. Enderby). International Perspective (K. G. Butler). Developmental Speech and Language Pathologies. Deafness and Sign Language (E. Pizzuto, V. Volterra). Developmental Dysarthrias (E. Davies). Disorders of Fluency (H.H. Gregory, C.B. Gregory). Disorders of Fluency: Intervention (L. Rustin, F. Cook). Learning Disabilities (A. Van Hout). General Aspects of Developmental Language Disorders (S.L. James). Specific Language Impairment: Subtypes and Assessment (M. Korkman). Developmental Disorders of Language: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Intervention (G. Bedi, E. Dorsett). Reading Difficulties (M.J. Snowling). Classification of Developmental Dyslexia and Intervention (J. Robertson, D.J. Bakker). Acquired Speech Pathologies. Disorders of Voice (L. Mathieson). Acquired Dysarthrias (H. Hirose). Acquired Disorders of Articulation: Classification and Intervention (H. Ackermann). Verbal Apraxia (J. Rosenbek). Acquired Language Pathologies. Historical Perspective of Aphasia (Y. Lebrun). Neurolinguistics (J.C. Marshall, J.M. Gurd). Language and the Brain (J.M. Gurd, J.C. Marshall). Neurolinguistic Assessment of Aphasia (C. Luzzatti). Aphasia (R. Lesser). Syndromes of Aphasia (D. Tranel, S.W. Anderson). Subcortical Aphasia (S. Cappa, J. Abutalebi). Acquired Childhood Aphasia (B. E. Murdoch). Aphasia in Multilinguals (F. Fabbro). Phonological Disorders of Language (A. R. Butcher). Morphosyntactical Disorders of Language (W.D. Dressler). Disorders of Reading and Writing (M. Snowling, A. Edmundson). Language Dysfunction in Dementia (R. Morris). The Right Hemisphere and Verbal Communication (D. Van Lancker). Language and Memory Systems (S. Aglioti). Rehabilitation of Acquired Language Disorders (G. Demeurisse). Acquired Disorders of Language (Aphasia): Evaluation of Effectiveness of Intervention (R. Whurr, M Lorch). Language Pathology in Neuropshychiatric Disorders. Autism (S. Baron-Cohen). Mutism (Y. Lebrun). Language Disorders in Psychoses (L.C. Sanfilippo, R.E. Hoffman)


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