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The Complete Textbook of Veterinary Nursing

The Complete Textbook of Veterinary Nursing has established itself as a recommended standard text for all veterinary nurses. It is designed both to satisfy the requirements of the syllabus studied by all student veterinary nurses and to provide a wide range of information for qualified nurses working in veterinary practice. This new second edition has been updated and revised to align it perfectly with the needs of a new generation of students.


Published: September 2012

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7020-5367-2


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    1. Ethics and Animal Welfare - James Yeates
    2. The Art of Communication. Kirsty Jones
    3. Legislation and the Veterinary Nurse - Suzanne May
    4. Canine and Feline Anatomy and Physiology - Sue Dallas
    5. Comparative Anatomy and Physiology of the Exotic Species - Victoria Aspinall
    6. Equine Anatomy and Physiology - Catherine Phillips
    7. Canine and Feline Nutrition - Alison Jones
    8. Clinical Nutrition - Alison Jones
    9. Equine Nutrition - Corinna Pippard
    10. Behaviour and Handling of the Dog and Cat - Jane Williams and Jocelyn Lander
    11. Equine Behaviour and Handling - Nicola Ackerman
    12. Restraint, Handling and Administration of Medicines to Exotic Species - Sharon Reid
    13. Introduction to Genetics - Dorothy Stables
    14. Practical Animal Handling - Dorothy Stables and Gareth Lawler.
    15. Essentials of Patient Care - Jessica Maughan
    16. Physiotherapy Techniques - Kirsty Gwynne
    17. Fundamental Pharmacology - Sally Bowden
    18. First Aid - Wendy Miller - Smith
    19. Prevention of Spread of the Infectious Diseases - Helen Harris and Amanda Rock.
    20. Common Medical Conditions of the Body Systems - Paula Hotston-Moore
    21. Principles of Surgical Nursing - Julie Ouston
    22. Theatre Practice - Emma Brooks
    23. High Dependency Nursing - Clare Cave
    24. Dentistry - Cecilia Gorrel
    25. Principles of Anaesthesia and Analgesia - Michael Stevenson
    26. Equine Anaesthesia - Anja Walker
    27. Parasitology - Maggie Fisher
    28. Microbiology - Helen Moreton
    29. Laboratory Diagnostic Aids - Lorraine Allen
    30. Principles of Diagnostic Imaging - Suzanne Easton
    31. Management and Care of Exotic Species - Beverly Shingleton and Sarah Cottingham
    32. Management and Care of Injured Wildlife - Louise Brockbank


    Appendix 1 - Essential Calculations - Pip Millard

    Appendix 2 - Normal Values


    • Extra chapters to be found on the Evolve Website:

      • Human Animal Interaction - The Place of the Companion Animal in Society - Andi Godfrey.

      • The Equine Industry - Anne Rogers.

      • Animal Housing - Trish Scorer

      • Stable and Design Management - Trish Scorer

      • Animal Grooming - Juliet Whatley


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