The Complement FactsBook book cover

The Complement FactsBook

The Complement FactsBook contains entries on all components of the Complement System, including C1q and Lectins, C3 Family, Serine Proteases, Serum Regulators of Complement Activation, Cell Surface Proteins, and Terminal Pathway Proteins. Domain Structure diagrams are incorporated to clearly illustrate the relationships between all the complement proteins, both within families and between families. The FactsBook also includes the cDNA sequences, marked with intron/exon boundaries, which will facilitate genetic studies.

Basic researchers and clinicians in immunology, biochemistry, cell biology, and infectious diseases; anyone interested in the complement system.

Paperback, 240 Pages

Published: October 1999

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-733360-1


  • Abbreviations.Preface.Section 1: The Introductory ChaptersB.J. Morley and M. Walport, Introduction.B.J. Morely and M. Walport, The Complement System.Section II: The Complement ProteinsPart 1: C1q and the CollectinsF. Petry and M. Loos, C1q.P. Lawson and K.B.M. Reid, Mannose-binding Lectin.P. Lawson and K.B.M. Reid, Bovine Conglutinin.R.B. Sim, SP-A.R.B. Sim, SP-D.Part 2: Serine ProteasesN. Thielens and G.J. Arlaud, C1r.N. Thielens and G.J. Arlaud, C1s.T. Fujita, MASP-1.S. Petersen and J. Jensenius, MASP-2.J. Schifferli and S. Niot, Factor D.Y. Xu Ma and J.E. Volanakis, C2.A. Circolo and H.R. Colten, Factor B.B.J. Morley, Factor I.Part 3: C3 FamilyM. Botto, C3.R.A. Wetsel, C5.Part 4: Terminal Pathway ComponentsM. Hobart, C6.M. Hobart, C7.F. Tedesco, M.E. Plumb, and J.M. Sodetz, C8.B.P. Morgan, C9.Part 5: Regulations of Complement Activation (RCA)L.B. Klickstein, CR1.J.M. Guthridge and V.M. Holers, CR2.L. Kuttner-Kondo, W.G. Brodbeck, and M.E. Medof, Decay-accelerating Factor.M.K. Liszewski and J.P. Atkinson, Membrane Cofactor Protein.S. Rodriguez de Cordoba, O. Criado Garcia, and P. Sanchez-Corral, C4b-binding Protein.R.G. DiScipio, Factor H.Part 6: Cell Surface ReceptorsA.J. Tenner, C1qRp.R.S. Ames, C3aReceptor.A. Klos and W. Bautsch, C5a Receptor.Y. Xia and G. Ross, CR3.A. Law, CR4.Part 7: Miscellaneous Complement ComponentsR. Zahedi and A.E. Davis III, C1 Inhibitor.M.E. Rosenberg, Apolipoprotein J (Clusterin).T. Farries, Properdin.B.P. Morgan, CD59.Index.


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