The Common Extremalities in Biology and Physics

Maximum Energy Dissipation Principle in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Evolution


  • Adam Moroz, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

This book is the first unified systemic description of dissipative phenomena, taking place in biology, and non-dissipative (conservative) phenomena, which is more relevant to physics. Fully updated and revised, this new edition extends our understanding of nonlinear phenomena in biology and physics from the extreme / optimal perspective.
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Researchers and students in biological, chemical, physical, and medical sciences.




Book information

  • Published: November 2011
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-385187-1

Table of Contents


1. Energy Dissipation.

2. Optimal Control and Biokinetics.

3. Optimal Control and some Applications to Biokinetics.

4. Extreme Laws of the Evolution in the Biological Trophic Pyramid and the Least Action (Maximum Energy Dissipation) Principle.

5. Optimal Control Interpretation (in light of Maximum Energy Dissipation principle) of Phenomenology of the Lagrange Formalism in Physics.

6. Conceptual-Methodological Aspects of Generalised Extremeness in Biology and Physics (Generalized biology).