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The Coal Industry

The size and global reach of the coal industry is unparalleled in the mining sector. Almost 500 million tonnes of coal are shipped annually around the world at a traded value of around US$15bn, but the total amount of coal mined each year amounts to some 3.8 billion tonnes. This puts the total value of annual production at around US$100bn - far higher than the next most important mined commodity, aluminium.

The Coal Industry provides an in-depth overview of the international coal trade at the turn of the millennium. In 330 pages of clearly presented information, analysis and statistics, it brings the industry into sharp focus - from productivity and power plants to growth prospects and global warming.

Detailed data, authoritative analysis

Read this guide and find out about:

  • How the coal industry has developed from its earliest beginnings
  • How the latest processing treatments are creating a wider market for coal
  • The factors which will guide coal markets over the next decade
  • How concerns over greenhouse gas and nuclear energy could have a positive effect on coal demand
  • The recent growth in supply from Colombia, Indonesia and Venezuela and the changing structure of the European industry
  • The activities of the major producers and their chances for improved profitability
  • The environmental impact of coal and how it can be reduced
The Coal Industry is essential reading for industry executives, the financial community and government policy-makers, as well as providing an excellent introduction and training resource for new entrants to the industry.

All those involved in or new to the industry and the financial advisory, analytical, and investment community internationally


Published: July 2000

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-105-9


  • Coal from the earliest times; International discoveries; What is coal? Exploration, mining and production; Treatments and quality assurance; From mine to market; Coal, electricity and the environment; Coking, industrial and domestic coal; World supply; World demand; International trade; Coal pricing and hedging; Appendix; Bibliography.


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