The Choroid Plexus and Cerebrospinal Fluid book cover

The Choroid Plexus and Cerebrospinal Fluid

Emerging Roles in CNS Development, Maintenance, and Disease Progression

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) functions to bathe the brain and spinal cord and is vital for the maintenance of fluid homeostasis within the central nervous system (CNS). The production of CSF by the choroid plexus is tightly regulated, providing the necessary nutrients and removing waste that may compromise the normal homeostasis of the CNS. Though growth factors and neuropeptide hormones produced and secreted by the choroid plexus are known to play critical roles in CNS homeostasis, the choroid plexus and CSF have been one of the most understudied tissues in neuroscience.

Recent work has begun to elucidate how the choroid plexus and CSF regulate development and disease in ways that extend far beyond traditional neurobiology roles. This book presents novel and exciting findings in the area of the choroid plexus and CSF in brain development and introduces its link to multiple disease disciplines, including cancer biology and neurodegeneration. Each chapter is written by an expert in his/her field and provides a comprehensive review of the anatomy, development, structure, and function of the choroid plexus and CSF in the nervous system, with particular focus on multiple disease disciplines, including primary brain tumours, metastases, Multiple Sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s Disease. This book provides a link between the choroid plexus, the clinical problems arising from its dysfunction, and investigational approaches and techniques that will help foster future research with high translational value.

The Choroid Plexus and Cerebrospinal Fluid 1e combines new and established work to allow for cross-disciplinary discussion and showcase newfound excitement surrounding the choroid plexus and CSF. This book is of great utility to neuroscientists interested in biological questions about cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, choroid plexus, or CSF research, and especially for researchers looking to expand their research into later stages of their disease of interest, such as metastasis. The focus on the choroid plexus provides a practical resource on modeling clinical issues influenced by this brain region for researchers from students to principal investigators. No other resource is currently available which addresses these issues in this fashion, and so this volume fills a much needed niche in the literature.

Hardbound, 350 Pages

Published: October 2015

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-801740-1


  • 1. Introduction to neuroanatomy and neurovasculature
    2. Development of brain ventricles and choroid plexus 
    3. Cytoarchitecture of choroid plexus, CSF, and role in blood-brain-barrier
    4. Functional role of cerebral spinal fluid and brain microenvironment
    5. Choroid plexus and CNS-specific immunity
    6. Role of CSF in development of primary brain tumors
    7. Role of Choroid plexus and CSF in extravasation and colonization of brain metastases
    8. Relationship of CSF, neuroinflammation, demyelination in Multiple Sclerosis
    9. Role of choroid plexus and CSF in Alzheimer’s Disease
    10. Role of choroid plexus and drug delivery into the CNS
    11. Recent advances and techniques in modeling the blood-CSF barrier


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