The Cholesterol Wars

The Skeptics vs the Preponderance of Evidence

Edited By

  • Daniel Steinberg

Today, in the era of the statins (cholesterol lowering drugs), there is no longer any doubt about the value of lowering blood cholesterol levels. This book chronicles the controversy that swirled around the 'lipid hypothesis' of atherosclerosis for so many years. In fact, 'the lower the better' is the position of many clinicians. However, getting to this point has been a long uphill battle marked by heated debate and sometimes violent disagreement. The history of this controversy is told here for its own sake and because remembering it may help us avoid similar mistakes in the future.
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Biochemists, cardiologists, pharmacologists, researchers in lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, and researchers in vascular disease


Book information

  • Published: September 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-373979-7

Table of Contents

Thoughts on the Nature of Medical Controversy in General and an Overview of the Cholesterol Controversy in Particular Animal Models of Atherosclerosis Early Evidence Linking Hypercholesterolemia to Atherosclerosis and Coronary Heart DiseaseLipoproteins and Metabolism In Search of a Pathogenesis Basic Science Foundations Searching for Drugs that would Lower Blood Cholesterol Safely and Effectively 1984 Coronary Primary Prevention Trial StatinsA Look at the Future