The Chlamydomonas Sourcebook 3-Vol set

Edited by

  • David Stern, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Ithaca, NY
  • George Witman, Department of Cell Biology, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA


  • Elizabeth Harris, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA


Researchers in plant science who study photosynthesis; fertility researchers; mammalian vision researchers; biochemistry researchers; plant physiologists; plant and molecular biologists; University and Medical libraries


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Table of Contents

VOLUME 1 ? Introduction to Chlamydomonas and Its Laboratory UseBy Elizabeth Harris (Duke University) ? Taxonomy, diversity and distribution of Chlamydomonas species ? History of Chlamydomonas as a laboratory organism ? Cell architecture ? The vegetative cell cycle, including culture conditions and methods ? The sexual cycle ? Overview of the nuclear genome ? Genetic analysis ? The molecular toolkit, including transformation, gene expression, etc. ? Resources for the investigator and for use of Chlamydomonas in teaching VOLUME 2 ? Organellar and Metabolic Processes Edited By David Stern (Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research) ? Biogenesis of chloroplasts and mitochondria ? Photosynthesis ? Respiration ? Nitrogen assimilation ? Starch biosynthesis ? Sulfur metabolism ? Rsponse to heavy metals ? Hydrogen production VOLUME 3 ? Cell Motility and Behavior Edited by George Witman (University of Massachusetts Medical School) ? Basal bodies ? Basal body-associated structures ? Flagellar assembly and length control ? Intraflagellar transport ? Flagellar axoneme ? Flagellar membrane ? Tactic responses (phototaxis, chemotaxis) and mechanoreception