The Chief Learning Officer

Driving Value Within a Changing Organization Through Learning and Development


  • Tamar Elkeles, Vice President, QUALCOMM's Corporate Learning Center, San Diego, CA, USA
  • Jack J. Phillips, PhD in Human Resource Management., Developer of the ROI Methodology and Chair of the ROI Institute, Inc.


Tamar Elkeles, vice president of Qualcomm Learning Center and co-author of The Chief Learning Officer, has been named 2010 CLO of the Year by Chief Learning Officer magazine

"Since she began with the company in 1992, Tamar Elkeles has built the Qualcomm Learning Center from a one-person operation into a sophisticated, integrated and innovative strategic resource for the organization" said Norm Kamikow, president and editor in chief of Chief Learning Officer magazine.

Congratulations Tamar!


New business realities and customer demands, coupled with new technologies in a changing competitive landscape are causing corporate learning departments to rethink their value, role, and impact in the organization. In a constantly changing business landscape with limited resources and tight budgets, learning must be viewed as essential to a successful achievement of business goals. The individual driving this function, the Chief Learning Officer (CLO), is in a unique position to add significant value to the organization. The role of the CLO is to drive value, focusing on issues such as business alignment, managing resources, innovation, customer service and ROI. The challenge is to show value to the organization in terms that business leaders and financial analysts can understand and appreciate. Written from the perspective of the CLO, this book discusses nine important value-adding strategies, making up this critical role of the CLO of the future. At least twenty high profile CLOs provide their strategies on each of these issues.

This book is essential reading for both the training and HR communities who need to show the value and connect learning to the business. This book shows the value that can be achieved in the organization if it is managed and organized properly and the appropriate leadership is provided.

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HR & Training professionals. Senior Management.


Book information

  • Published: October 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7925-1


"“The Chief Learning Officer” clearly describes how the CLO and the learning function can add measurable value to a business enterprise. Those who work in the corporate learning function will find guidance in this book, and those who view the learning function skeptically will find plenty of reason to think again about the importance of the CLO. This book is an invaluable guide to making learning routine, an ability needed in so many large organizations challenged to keep pace with their changing markets." -- Dr. William Barnett, Professor of Business Leadership, Strategy and Organizations, Stanford Graduate School of Business "Drawing from interviews, survey data, and rich corporate experience, this book brings definition and clarity to a senior leadership role that an ever-increasing number of leading companies are regarding as critical to their success. By situating the CLO’s role in the broader organizational context, the book also does a lot to highlight the important connection between organizational learning and organizational strategy." -- Joel M. Podolny, Dean and William S. Beinecke Professor of Management, Yale School of Management "In a world full of leadership advice, Elkeles and Phillips provide an excellent road map telling us what all CLOs need to know to accelerate learning and development. Every company should incorporate a leadership development strategy. This excellent book will help countless CLOs." -- Cindy L. Johnson, 3M, Manager, Leadership Development "The Chief Learning Officer will quickly become the encyclopedia for those devoted to learning. It is comprehensive, integrated, insightful, and innovative. Those charged with learning and development will acquire frameworks, tools, and applications that will help them design and deliver learning to create value. Anyone interested in furthering learning will savor this work. It combines theory, research, practice, and measurement and has set the standard for what can be in the learning domain." -- Dave Ulrich, Professor, University of Michigan; Partner, The RBL Group "Hiring great employees and providing them with opportunities to develop is critical for business success. Creating an environment that encourages learning increases innovation and generates new ideas. This book focuses on the emerging role of the Chief Learning Officer and provides strategies for building a top learning organization." -- Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs, Chairman of the Board and Founder, QUALCOMM

Table of Contents

The Chief Learning Officer and Value: Trends and Issues; Developing the Strategy; Setting the Investment Level: Five Strategies for Selecting the Amount of a Learning and Development Investment;Align the Learning Enterprise to Business NeedsShifting to Performance Improvement: Learning is Not Always the Answer; Create Value-Based DeliveryManaging for Value; Demonstrating Value from the Learning Enterprise, Including ROI; Managing Talent for Value: Acquiring and Managing Talent for Growth and Success; Develop Productive Management Relationships; The Voices of CLOs