The Challenges of Knowledge Sharing in Practice book cover

The Challenges of Knowledge Sharing in Practice

A Social Approach

Addresses the key skills that are required in organisations in the information intensive society. The book examines the power of information behaviour on the construction of different kinds of shared knowledge and social identity in a group. An introduction to the different dimensions of social capital that is structural and cognitive, and looks at the relational aspects of information behaviour in organisations. Experiences are analysed in two different case studies - in the financial and biotechnology industries - in order to gain additional insights in how the internal organisation environment should be designed to support the development of the organisation's intellectual capital.

Paperback, 232 Pages

Published: April 2007

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-284-7


  • Part 1 Theories of information sharing: Information sharing in context; Patterns of sharing - enablers and barriers; Social navigation. Part 2 Two practices in information sharing: Introducing the two cases; Claims handlers; Expert organisation. Part 3 Insights into information, knowledge sharing and social capital: Dimensions of social capital in the two cases; Social capital and sharing - building structures for knowledge sharing and its management; Importance of the awareness of social capital in connection with information and knowledge sharing in today’s companies.


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