The Cancer Chemotherapy Handbook book cover

The Cancer Chemotherapy Handbook

Here's a comprehensive, yet compact and practical guide to the care and chemotherapeutic treatment of cancer patients. It encompasses all major chemotherapeutic agents and combinations, investigational and newly approved drugs, and describes their mechanisms of action, indications, metabolism, dose, administration, toxicity, and drug interactions and incompatibilities. The 6th Edition includes more than 75 new drug regiments as well as a new chapter on medication errors and safety.

Paperback, 640 Pages

Published: May 2003

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-01890-6


  • 1. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology
    2. Clinical Trials—Principles and Applications
    3. Chemotherapy Medication Safety
    4. Chemotherapy Drugs and the Drugs Used in the Treatment of Cancer
    5. Biotherapy
    6. Cancer Chemotherapy Administration
    7. Cancer Chemotherapy and Biotherapy
    8. Ethical Considerations in Cancer
    9. Cancer Pain Management
    10. High Dose Chemotherapy with Stem Cell Support
    11. Organ System Toxicity


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