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The Bottlenose Dolphin

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Amateur and professional naturalists and zoologists interested in marine mammals.


Published: November 1989

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-440280-5


  • "This is well represented in The Bottlenose Dolphin, a superbly edited, authoritative text of thirty-six chapters under nine major headings... The editors of The Bottlenose Dolphin are fine researchers and writers, and they have used their considerable skills to guide chapter authors to concise, logical, pleasant prose... I applaud the editors for taking their work so seriously, and for producing a book which presents a wealth of valuable up-to-date information on one of my very favorite marine mammals."

    "Overall, this is a very good book for any biologist interested in the current work done with dolphins... The Bottlenose Dolphin is an important book for any marine mammal enthusiast. Read cover-to-cover or used as a reference source, it is a book worth owning."
    "This volume abounds in material of interest to an informed general readership... In view of widespread public interest in bottlenose dolphins, this book should be an invaluable reference on the species. Recommended for public and college libraries."


  • Evolution and Fossil Record:L.G. Barnes, The Fossil Record and Evolutionary Relationships of the Genus Tursiops.Anatomy and Physiology:S. Rommel, Osteology of the Bottlenose Dolphin.D.A. Pabst, Axial Muscles and Connective Tissues of the Bottlenose Dolphin.S.H. Ridgway, The Central Nervous System of the Bottlenose Dolphin.Systematics and Taxonomy:G.J.B. Ross and V.G. Cockcroft, Comments on Australian Bottlenose Dolphins and the Taxonomic Status of Tursiops aduncus (Ehrenberg, 1832).S.L. Hersh and D.A. Duffield, Distinction of Northwest Atlantic Offshore and Coastal Bottlenose Dolphins Based on Hemoglobin in Profile and Morphometry.Life History and Biology:K. Van Waerebeek, J.C. Reyes, A.J. Read, and J.S. McKinnon, Preliminary Observations of Bottlenose Dolphins from the Pacific Coast of South America.S.L. Hersh, D.K. Odell, and E.D. Asper, Bottlenose Dolphin Mortality Patterns in the Indian/Banana River System of Florida.J.G. Mead and C.W. Potter, Natural History of Bottlenose Dolphins along the Central Atlantic Coast of the United States.Behavior and Ecology:M.C. Caldwell, D.K. Caldwell, and P.L. Tyack, A Review of the Signature Whistle Hypothesis for the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin.M.D. Scott, R.S. Wells, and A.B. Irvine, A Long-Term Study of Bottlenose Dolphins on the West Coast of Florida.S.H. Shane, Behavior and Ecology of the Bottlenose Dolphin at Sanibel Island, Florida.L.T. Ballance, Residence Patterns, Group Organization, and Surfacing Associations of Bottlenose Dolphins in Kino Bay, Gulf of California, Mexico.P.J. Corkeron, Aspects of the Behavioral Ecology of Inshore Dolphins Tursiops truncatus and Sousa chinensis in Moreton Bay, Australia.V.G. Cockcroft and G.J.B. Ross, Food and Feeding of the Indian Ocean Bottlenose Dolphin off Southern Natal, South Africa.N.B. Barros and D.K. Odell, Food Habits of Bottlenose Dolphins in the Southeastern United States.P.J. Corkeron, M.M. Bryden, and K.E. Hedstrom, Feeding by Bottlenose Dolphins in Association with Trawling Operations in Moreton Bay, Australia.C. Lockyer, Review of Incidents Involving Wild, Sociable Dolphins, Worldwide.R.C. Connor and R.A. Smolker, Quantitative Description of a Rare Behavioral Event. A Bottlenose Dolphin's Behavior toward Her Deceased Offspring.B. W~adursig and G. Harris, Site and Association Fidelity in Bottlenose Dolphins off Argentina.Distribution, Movements, and Abundance:R.D. Kenney, Bottlenose Dolphins off the Northeastern United States.M.D. Scott and S.J. Chivers, Distribution and Herd Structure of Bottlenose Dolphins in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean.L.J. Hansen, California Coastal Bottlenose Dolphins.R.S. Wells, L.J. Hansen, A. Baldridge, T.P. Dohl, D.L. Kelly, and R.H. Defran, Northward Extension of the Range of Bottlenose Dolphins along the California Coast.Husbandry and Captive Breeding:J.P. Schroeder, Breeding Bottlenose Dolphins in Captivity.J.P. Schroeder and K.V. Keller, Artificial Insemination of Bottlenose Dolphins.V.G. Cockcroft and G.J.B. Ross, Observations on the Early Development of a Captive Bottlenose Dolphin Calf.E.D. Asper, L.H. Cornell, D.A. Duffield, D.K. Odell, B.E. Joseph, B.I. Stark, and C.A. Perry, Hematology and Serum Chemistry Values in Bottlenose Dolphins.Research Techniques:M.D. Scott, R.S. Wells, A.B. Irvine, and B.R. Mate, Tagging and Marking Studies on Small Cetaceans.D.K. Odell and E.D. Asper, Distribution and Movements of Freeze-Branded Bottlenose Dolphins in the Indian and Banana Rivers, Florida.S.H. Shane, Comparison of Bottlenose Dolphin Behavior in Texas and Florida, with a Critique of Methods for Studying Dolphin Behavior.H.W. Goforth, Jr., Ergometry (Exercise Testing) of the Bottlenose Dolphin.A.A. Hohn, Reading between the Lines. Analysis of Age Estimation in Dolphins. A.C. Myrick, Jr., and L.H. Cornell, Calibrating Dental Layers in Captive Bottlenose Dolphins from Serial Tetracycline Labels and Tooth Extractions.D.A. Duffield and J. Chamberlin-Lea, Use of Chromosome Heteromorphisms and Hemoglobins in Studies of Bottlenose Dolphin Populations and Paternities.Management:G.P. Scott, Management-Oriented Research on Bottlenose Dolphins by the Southeast Fisheries Center.Index.


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